A contract has been signed with Routledge, London, for the publication of three volumes resulting from the Host of Tongues conference, to be published in 2021. The volumes will launch a miniseries entitled Multilingualism, Lingua Franca and Translation in the Early Modern Period to be edited by Karen Bennett.

Volume 1: Language Dynamics in the Early Modern Period

Edited by Karen Bennett and Angelo Cattaneo

This volume aims to characterize the linguistic situation in various parts of the world through a series of descriptive studies.  It is structured around the concept of the pyramid of languages put forward by Benedict Anderson (2006: 37-46): hence, the first part focuses on the status of Latin and its relationship with the various print languages now challenging its hegemony, with chapters centred the situation in England, Italy, Spain and Russia; the second looks in more detail at the national languages that were gaining power in the Portuguese and Spanish Empires, England and France, and their relationships with the languages of the subordinate nations that fell within their sphere of influence; and the third examines some of the informal lingua francas that sprang up to serve as vehicles of communication for specific purposes in different parts of the world.

Volume II: Translation in the Early Modern Period.

Edited by Karen Bennett and Rogério Miguel Puga

 This work contains both general surveys of translational practices in different regions and genres, and more specific analyses of the output of individual author/translators. Translation was of course conceptualized very differently in the Middle Ages to what it is today, so the various chapters taken together serve to trace the theoretical reconfiguration that occurred over the course of the period. With contributions by some very prominent figures in the field, this volume promises to make an important contribution to historical translation studies.


Having lost some of the papers initially accepted for Volume II (Translation in the Early Modern Period) during the review and editing process, we are launching a new call in the hope of attracting a few more chapters. Papers should be in English, and be between 5000 and 8000 words in length (including bibliography) and formatted in accordance with the Style Sheet attached. If you are not a native speaker of English, you are advised to get your chapter checked for language errors before submitting it. All papers will be peer reviewed by members of our advisory board and/or other international academics working in the field. Articles should be sent by 10th January 2021 to and, together with an abstract (<250 words) and biosketch (<100 words).

Volume III: Linguistics and Language Teaching in the Early Modern Period

Edited by Karen Bennett and Gonçalo Fernandes

This volume focuses on the explicit study and teaching of language in various geographical locations. The first part (Missionary Linguistics) charts some of the attempts by Jesuits and other religious orders to describe and codify the languages they encountered in the lands of their missions, while the second (Language Teaching) is concerned with language pedagogy in the New World and the Old.